RP Theft Alert: Heroes of Humanity



Did read it.

Don’t see it.

Still stand by my Do’s and Don’t’s.

Do report it.

Don’t encourage defamation and online bullying.

I’m going to have to agree to disagree with you because in my opinion, the roleplaying community deserves to make an informed decision before deciding which games they want to join and calling attention to their theft and bullying cannot be called bullying in return, especially when we have approached them in private beforehand.

Speaking as an outsider, as someone who had never heard of either of the games before reading Shev’s post, and attempting to remain as unbiased as I can; I like seeing theft alert posts.

Not in that…way. I don’t enjoy seeing theft in the community. But I like seeing them in a way because I know what RP’s NOT to join. I would feel so disgusted if I joined a roleplay and then later found out that the entire thing was completely jacked from another roleplay. It would literally horrify me. So, knowing before hand is good. Plus, if the roleplay in question that stole…basically everything wasn’t actually guilty of stealing, it wouldn’t be such a big deal, would it?

I can’t speak for the entire community, obviously lol but I think a lot of people would react the same. Except obviously, thieves. No one wants to put the hard work into applying for a roleplay, enjoying themselves and then finding out that the admin team ripped the entire thing off someone else.

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    Also this kind of behaviour of signal boosting to shame another group of people is really immature. If you have a...
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    I read the post. Believe it or not, your roleplay is not intellectual property. It sounds like these people were...
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    Good job reading the post. That’s not what we’re concerned with. We’re not the first to make a DCU or super hero rp....
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    Speaking as an outsider, as someone who had never heard of either of the games before reading Shev’s post, and...
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